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Lawn Care Orlando, FL

Our company has been in the lawn maintenance business in the Orlando area for several years now and has a reputation for offering a high quality service.

We know there are hundreds of other lawn companies around the city which is why we strive to remain competitive and provide the best service possible. We value your business and will do our best to make sure you always work with us.

We claim to provide the best lawn maintenance in town because 80% of our business comes from the referrals of our happy customers. At Orlando Lawn Service we  reward customers that stay with us by going above expextations. We guarantee we will make you happy as a client and will stand by our personal guarantee no matter what.
We offer many other services aside from lawn mowing that you can view below.

We maintain both residential and commercial accounts for lawn & yard maintenance services.

Residential Lawn Care

Maintaining residential home lawns is the backbone of our company. We want to help you keep your yard beautiful at all times. We offer a range of services including mowing, edging, trimming, and blowing. We also handle various landscaping services.

Commercial Lawn Care

For commercial clients, we pay extra attention to additional details such as timing and quality assurance. We know that your office or commercial location is a representation of your business and we want to make sure your lawn is always under control. We create custom grounds maintenance plans for each commercial client and offer several different billing solutions.

Regular Lawn Service in Orlando includes:


The focus of our service is to cut your grass at a level height that meets your preference. We pay special attention to the look of our cuts and the way your lawn looks after to keep your grass looking great.

Complete Edging & Trimming

To prevent weed growth in corners and around the edges of sidewalks, we will cut a clean edge and slope to give your grass a clean finish. With our experience we can efficiently trim the edges of any lawn.


We always pick up after ourselves leaving the job cleaner than when we arrived. We will blow and clean debris after every job. Lawn care isn’t just about grass and mowing, it is caring for your property.

Other Services Provided:

Debris Clearing
We can clear your overgrowth and clean any additional debris.

Garden Maintenance
We provide tiling, planting & transplanting for any of your plant.

Leaf Cleanup
We will rake and bag your leaves after they fall during the fall & winter months

Pest Removal
We can rid your property of ants, grubs, ticks, fleas, and other common pests.

Tree & Hedge Trimming
We trim trees, bushes, and hedges to form and shape them as requested.

Weed Removal
We will pull all of your weeds and spray for preventative measures

In addition to lawn services or specific lawn care, we provide several landscaping services as well from irrigation repairs and installations to building garden features. Feel free to give us a call if you need any services related to your property and if the service is not something in our offering, we likely have a great referral for you.